Sabri Monaf Sabri

Full-Stack Software Engineer

[email protected]+1 (669) 234-6892


Technical Skills

  • Android (Kotlin/Java)
  • Machine Learning
  • System Architecture
  • Python
  • PHP/Laravel
  • iOS (Swift)
  • VueJS
  • NodeJS/ExpressJS
  • Server Management

Non-Technical Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Training
  • Small Teams Management
  • Presentation
  • Event Organizing
  • Client Communication


  • Arabic (Native)
  • English (Fluent)


MSc in AI ∙ University of Georgia ∙ AUG 2019 - Present

Georga, USA

"Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity" - Andrew Ng
That's why I decided to pursue a graduate degree in AI to solidify my knowledge & experience in this field, in my first semester I developed a deep neural network model for predicting soccer games results using match history data and players' strength index with 70%-75% accuracy.

BSc in CS ∙ Mustansiriyah University ∙ SEP 2012 - MAY 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

During my Computer Science study, I developed a concrete understanding of OOP, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Logic Design, and Artificial Intelligence.
I was consistently at the top of my classes for all 8 semesters and graduated with a cumulative average of (87.18%), the highest in the history of the Department of Computer Science at the time of my graduation.
I've done many projects during my 4 years of study, such as a multi-level Space Shooter game complete with boss fights and leaderboards built with vanilla C#, a library system for e-books. A mini-compiler complete with lexical analysis and compilation to assembly code, and an extensive Education Management System built using Java for Android app, Swift for the iOS app, and NodeJS for the backend functionality.


Managing Director ∙ d3 Studio ∙ JAN 2018 - AUG 2019

Baghdad, Iraq

A creative agency that was established in 2014 by three young entrepreneurs who believe that they can lead the creative space in Iraq by example.
I was responsible for incorporating the company and move it towards serving larger clients, we took in clients like METCO Iraq and Careem Iraq, as well as expanding our business to serve regional clients like Postshipper in Kuwait and Drongo in Jordan, in addition to continuing to serve existing like Talabatey and building them a set of internal tools.

Android Development Trainer ∙ Re-Coded ∙ SEP 2017 - NOV 2017

Erbil, Iraq

A non-profit training conflict-affected youth to become the tech leaders of tomorrow.
At Re:Coded, I was responsible for teaching a class of 20+ students Android development using Udacity’s Android Development Nanodegree program as the curriculum and was able to complete the required course material within time while being able to teach student extracurricular material that has proven to be quite useful in the Iraqi job market.

Lead Software Developer ∙ d3 Studio ∙ JUN 2015 - SEP 2017

Baghdad, Iraq

A design and development studio; we develop performant, secure, scalable and maintainable software products for SMBs, corporates, and government agencies.
I was responsible for building, shipping and maintaining software solutions and mobile applications for clients, managing a team of 4-6 people, as well as training and mentoring new hires.
My team shipped over 20 software products, including the largest Education Management System in Iraq (Medresty), the leading food delivery app in Iraq (Talabatey), and the official app of the Iraqi Oil Products Distribution Company/Ministry of Oil.

Android Developer ∙ d3 Studio ∙ SEP 2014 - JUN 2015

Baghdad, Iraq

A design and development studio that develops custom solutions to start-ups and SMBs.
I was responsible for developing & maintaining Android applications for clients, I shipped 6 applications to Play Store which included an food ordering app along with the system that receives and processes orders in the restaurant's side

Android Developer, UI/UX Designer ∙ Mu3amala ∙ SEP 2014 - JAN 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

An application that serves as a guide for doing legal procedures and paperwork (which can often be akin to navigating a maze in Iraq).
At Mu3amala, I was responsible for developing and maintaining the Android app and optimize it to run on low-end devices, as well as designing the UI/UX for both Android & iOS applications.


Founder, Lead Instructor ∙ Code Lab ∙ OCT 2016 - Present

Baghdad, Iraq

Co-Founder/Organizer ∙ GDG Baghdad ∙ JUL 2017 - Present

Baghdad, Iraq

Organizer ∙ Startup Weekend Baghdad ∙ APR 2017 - AUG 2018

Baghdad, Iraq

Coach/Mentor ∙ Startup Weekend Baghdad ∙ AUG 2015 - JAN 2017

Baghdad, Iraq

Software Developer ∙ Fikra Fair ∙ SEP 2016 - NOV 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

Instructor/Mentor ∙ 2017 Facebook Messenger Bots Challenge ∙ 2017

Baghdad, Iraq

Core Member ∙ Fikra Space ∙ JAN 2015 - OCT 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

Mentor/Lecturer ∙ Fikra Space ∙ AUG 2014 - JAN 2015

Baghdad, Iraq