Sabri Monaf Sabri

Full-Stack Software Engineer

[email protected]+1 (669) 234-6892


Technical Skills

  • Machine Learning
  • TensorFlow
  • Data Science
  • Android (Kotlin/Java)
  • System Architecture
  • Python
  • Php/Laravel
  • iOS (Swift)
  • VueJS
  • Server Management

Non-Technical Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Training
  • Team Leadership
  • Event Organizing
  • Client Communication


  • Arabic (Native)
  • English (Fluent)


MSc in AI ∙ University of Georgia ∙ AUG 2019 - JUN 2021

Georga, USA

Studying on a fully-funded Fulbright scholarship, I developed a strong foundation in AI principles while focusing on Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Linguistics. I excelled in courses like Data Mining, Advanced Data Analytics, Advanced Representation Learning, Text Corpus Analysis, and Philosophy of Language.
I did my thesis on Arabic Image Captioning with Attention which produced accuracy results that exceeded the state-of-the-art by using a transformer-based neural network architecture.
I Graduated with a GPA of 3.78, earning a master's degree in AI with great distinction.

BSc in CS ∙ Mustansiriyah University ∙ SEP 2012 - MAY 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

During my Computer Science study, I developed a concrete understanding of OOP, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Logic Design, and Artificial Intelligence.
I was consistently at the top of my classes for all 8 semesters and graduated with a cumulative average of (87.18%), the highest in the history of the Department of Computer Science at the time of my graduation.
I've done many projects during my 4 years of study, such as a multi-level Space Shooter game complete with boss fights and leaderboards built with vanilla C#, a library system for e-books. A mini-compiler complete with lexical analysis and compilation to assembly code, and an extensive Education Management System built using Java for Android app, Swift for the iOS app, and NodeJS for the backend functionality.


Co-Founder, Director ∙ Code Lab ∙ NOV 2016 - Present

Baghdad, Iraq

  • Organized 9 bootcamps (leading the training of 3) that had over 150 students who graduated with 72% employment rate within 6 months of completion.
  • Coordinated with 6 international and local donors and sponsors to cover operational costs and provide services for students; allowing us to provide our bootcamps and workshops for free.
  • Created the first Artificial Intelligence hub in Iraq to establish and foster the Iraqi AI ecosystem.

Lead Software Developer ∙ d3 Studio ∙ SEP 2014 - AUG 2019

Baghdad, Iraq

  • Managed the company's development team consisting of 6 in-house developers and 10+ freelance contractors who shipped 31 software solutions for clients.
  • Met with clients for project scoping and progress updates and communicated requirements and feedback to the development team regularly.
  • Designed and developed 14 native Android applications while coordinating with iOS developers to achieve a consistent experience across platforms while adhering to platform-specific guidelines.
  • Performed code reviews for Android (Java and Kotlin) and Backend (PHP/Laravel) PRs.
  • Mentored 3 interns who later took in permanent developer roles in the company for a few years and now serve as senior developers and team leaders in well-respected companies.

Android Development Trainer ∙ Re-Coded ∙ SEP 2017 - NOV 2017

Erbil, Iraq

  • Taught a class of 25 students on a two-month Android development course based on Udacity's Android Developer nanodegree with modifications to better fit Iraqi software market demands.
  • Closely monitored students' performance and progress reported back to the project manager.


Founder, Lead Instructor ∙ Code Lab ∙ OCT 2016 - Present

Baghdad, Iraq

Co-Founder/Organizer ∙ GDG Baghdad ∙ JUL 2017 - Present

Baghdad, Iraq

Organizer ∙ Startup Weekend Baghdad ∙ APR 2017 - AUG 2018

Baghdad, Iraq

Coach/Mentor ∙ Startup Weekend Baghdad ∙ AUG 2015 - JAN 2017

Baghdad, Iraq

Software Developer ∙ Fikra Fair ∙ SEP 2016 - NOV 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

Instructor/Mentor ∙ 2017 Facebook Messenger Bots Challenge ∙ 2017

Baghdad, Iraq

Core Member ∙ Fikra Space ∙ JAN 2015 - OCT 2016

Baghdad, Iraq

Mentor/Lecturer ∙ Fikra Space ∙ AUG 2014 - JAN 2015

Baghdad, Iraq